Writing & Consultancy

I am a science writer and consultant for print, broadcast media and online outlets/channels. I specialise in more in-depth analysis, calculations, and even simulations. Applying these to real, or often fictional situations, I bring the resulting physics to life through my writing.

Trying to understand the latest piece of baffling physics research? My approach, the ordinary in the extraordinary, deconstructs scientific concepts from grounded, real-world analogies and then extrapolates them to the abstract. This allows audiences to associate and identify with content that may seem out of their realm of comprehension at first.

Want to know what the Avengers got right about time travel, whether we could find Superman’s home world of Krypton, or how to build your very own Death Star? My expertise in cutting-edge research and applying the laws of physics to the extreme situations of beloved fictional worlds has sparked curiosity in audiences that don’t typically engage with science.

The following are just some of the people I’ve worked with in either a writing or consultancy role:

  • The Conversation
  • Objective Media Group (Breaking Magic, Discovery)
  • MSN
  • NASA
  • Seeker (YouTube)
  • The Sun
  • Vsauce (YouTube)
I chair the panel for the European Geosciences Union’s Angela Croome Award for Earth, space and planetary sciences journalism.

If you think I’d be the perfect fit for your next project, just get in touch by email.