Science Communication

Martin Archer is determined to come up with fresh perspectives on how to communicate his love of science, especially to young audiences, and has worked on a number of exciting and unique projects. His approach to public engagement focuses on deconstructing scientific concepts from grounded, real-world analogies and then extrapolating them to the more abstract areas of Physics: or the extraordinary in the ordinary as he puts it.

Combining his DJing and Physics backgrounds, Martin has created the live show DJ Physics, a collaboration with the Royal Institution, demonstrating the Physics that goes into a DJ mix and how DJing can also help us understand seemingly unrelated areas of cutting edge Physics research.

An inventor, Martin has created the gestural DJ performance which he’s dubbed WiiJing, enabling him to play, mix and muck about with tunes just by waving his arms around. He has also written, produced and co-presented the Droppin’ Science series of podcasts, which tackled the most interesting, weird, cool and quirky bits of science & tech, all bundled up with plenty of banter and some heavy production.

Martin is very active in engaging the public at schools, science festivals and on television.