Like a musical ninja Martin Archer has combined the ancient art of DJing with the latest futuristic technology. Using Nintendo Wiimote controllers and Ableton Live, it may look like the trusty audio superhero is just waving frantically but his enthusiastic gesticulating is at the heart of this aural experience that he’s dubbed WiiJing.

Martin developed his form of WiiJing because of his love of technology and dancing, seamlessly combining the two together into a gestural DJ performance that is both fun for audiences and himself. Indeed he’s the only DJ that can actually play, mix and muck about with tunes just by waving his arms around… from the middle of the dancefloor sometimes too!

Martin has also combined his DJing and Physics backgrounds into a new live show called DJ Physics, a collaboration with the Royal Institution, where he does real science with real tunes demonstrating the Physics that goes into a DJ mix and how DJing can also help us understand seemingly unrelated areas of science.