Dr Martin Archer is a unique and exciting young science broadcaster. An award winning physicist, science writer and one of the UK’s leading science presenters, Martin researches Space Plasma Physics at Queen Mary University of London (and Imperial College London). He currently writes and presents for James May’s Head Squeeze, a BBC Worldwide YouTube channel, and is a prominent media spokesperson on breaking science news stories.

Martin’s research interests concern not only the fundamentals of the fourth state of matter, plasma, but also the complex interactions between the solar wind and planetary magnetic fields, like the Earth’s, along with the effects these interactions can have on us and the development of new space technology. However, Martin maintains a real passion for Physics in general.

If that wasn’t enough, Martin is determined to come up with fresh perspectives on how to communicate his love of science and has worked on a number of exciting and unique projects.

As a well-known DJ, having presented national shows on Kiss FM for six years, Martin’s scientific outreach has included inventing the gestural DJ performance dubbed “WiiJing” and the “DJ Physics” stage show in collaboration the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

Martin has appeared live at The Royal Institution, The Cheltenham Science Festival and The British Science Festival. He has been featured on BBC Two, BBC News, BBC Radio Four, Sky News, CNN, Al Jazeera, Channel 5 and BBC Breakfast.