Kiss FM DJ turned

Space Physicist


space physics, science communication, public engagement & broadcasting

Vibrant Science Presenter

For over a decade I have been involved in presenting or contributing to numerous science television programmes, news media and online video series, working with BBC, ITV, Sky, Discovery and more.

Dynamic radio host

Over 20 years of experience in radio from Kiss FM to BBC Radio 4 and recently a global podcast series 'To the Moon and Beyond' with The Conversation.

Exciting science

My original research into Earth's space environment has been highlighted by NASA and NOAA, gaining international attention via outlets including BBC, USA Today, Scientific American, New Scientist, IFL Science and more.

Innovative engagement

I have spearheaded several award-winning public engagement projects, based on physics research, that have successfully impacted upon audiences typically underserved in science engagement.

More on me

The fourth state of matter, plasma, and how it actively controls the seemingly empty space around our planet.
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Regularly appearing on news media, contributing to science TV shows and hosting award-winning online series.
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From Kiss FM presenter and Nintendo voiceover to Radio 4 appearances and hosting a moon podcast series.
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Popularising complex scientific concepts through deep analysis for the likes of BBC, MSN, Vsauce and more.
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Captivating large audiences with a passionate and personality-driven style coupled with unique performances.
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From infiltrating the independent film world internationally to changing how school students experience science.
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A unique scientist & broadcaster

My backgrounds in physics, music, and broadcasting have gone hand-in-hand throughout my career, leading not only to exciting new ways of communicating science but even undertaking it.

Creating memorable moments

From hilariously debating about UFOs with Shaun Ryder, to joking with James May, and humorously outsmarting Piers Morgan, my personality and quick wit has produced viral media moments.


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